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i don't trust in nothin', but i know it come out right.

... from a skilled tracker of the good vibe.

silent nine
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Date Created:2004-02-01
Number of Posts: 508+

kat9y is a somewhat spiky individual. she has an affinity for many things, including writing, reading, drawing, dancing, and tabletop gaming. she likes standing in crowded rooms, and has a deep-seeded fear that she left the genesis on.
Strengths: coin-snatching, speed-quarters, rocking out in a profuse and dangerous manner.
Weaknesses: tunafish in any form, charm, tequila, soda, conan o'brien.
Special Skills: laughing at inappropriate moments, the ability to trip over any object, inability to become especially angry.
Weapons: a large, dull knife named roland that will give her attacker a rather nasty welt if they allow her to stand there and saw at their forearms for a bit.
Goals: crawl about in ventilation ducts, pistol-whip someone, be a mascot at a sporting event, become as smart as ally's dog.

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